Rules of Engagement

Respect, Courtesy, Competence, and Communications.

In legal situations where the intensity of emotions, facts and figures can create significant stress for all parties involved, it’s crucial to have a partner with a cool head and a warm heart.

At ConnorsO’Dell LLP we’ve built a reputation for just that, deftly blending all the passion and energy you’d expect from someone fighting on your side with a respectful and honorable demeanor in all of our interactions. Our clients can expect from every member of our firm – from partners down to support staff – the type of courtesy, competence and communications that yield a rewarding experience for everyone involved.

ConnorsO’Dell’s Rules of Engagement

  • All persons, whether opposing litigants, counsel, court personnel, or client contacts, shall be treated with civility, courtesy, and dignity.
  • Advocacy and zealous representation are compatible with professional courtesy and civility.
  • Communications, whether by telephone, email, or correspondence demand attention, and prompt responses.
  • Schedules, both personal and professional, warrant respect. Reasonable requests for scheduling accommodations compel responsible agreements regarding meetings, depositions, hearings, and trial dates, absent adverse or material effect on client’s interest.
  • Punctuality evidences professionalism, the converse of which is disrespectful.
  • Professional rules advance order and decorum. Rules are necessary to eliminate surprise, and to ensure fairness.
  • Seek the elimination or resolution of differences through negotiation, in avoidance of unnecessary time and expense.
  • Every case is about the client, and not the attorney. Prosecuting or defending the case must always be about the client’s best interests, and not about professional superiority.
  • Our staff remains committed to expanding its knowledge in all related practice areas. The goal of all staff members is to develop the requisite experience and skills to best serve our clients.