Performance Standards

High Performance Standards and Expectations? Us Too.

When it comes to your business’ critical operations, you should reserve your trust for those who earn it. Since 2001, ConnorsO’Dell LLP has maintained a consistent, intensive focus on delivering superior service quality and responsiveness for our trusted clients.

With years of experience comes not only expertise, but also a keen understanding of what clients expect…and deserve. When you turn to us or refer your associates to our firm, you can be sure we’ll apply our deep understanding of your expectations – as well as the intricacies and nuances of the current insurance and legal climate – in bringing your case to rapid and satisfactory resolution.

We are delighted to acknowledge that once you have entrusted us with your business matters, we will meet or exceed the performance standards that both we and our legal system have established as essential to providing excellent legal support.

Here’s what you can expect of us:

ConnorsO’Dell LLP Performance Standards

  • 24-hour acknowledgement of new referrals or assignments
  • 48-hour preparation of legal and factual analysis of new referrals or assignments upon receipt of substantive file materials
  • 24-hour notification, by phone, e-mail, or correspondence on outcome of appearances at hearings and depositions
  • 24-hour notification, by phone, e-mail or correspondence of any substantive decision affecting the rights of a client
  • 24-hour attorney reply to client voicemail and e-mail
  • 24-hour acknowledgement of client correspondence and/or communications
  • Prompt scheduling of all evidence in litigated cases, in compliance with client-specific Litigation Guidelines, Pennsylvania Rules Civil Procedure (casualty litigation), and/or Special Rules of Practice and Procedure before Workers’ Compensation Judges
  • Quarterly filing of status reports, as client-directed, accompanied by in-person claims review, if client-requested
  • Swift and cost effective resolution of all client-referred claims, subject to client directives regarding cases designated as warranting trials/arbitration in casualty litigation, or adjudication in workers’ compensation claims
  • Strict adherence to client-specific Billing Guidelines as well as Connors O’Dell’ Billing Guidelines